Have you ever looked at the ingredients in your toothpaste and wonder if they even help your teeth?

I have.

During my most recent dentist visit, they asked if I wanted fluoride treatment to “strengthen the enamel.” To which, I asked, “Isn’t there fluoride in the water we drink?” They assured me there is, but the dosage would not be strong enough to prevent your teeth against cavities.

After obliging, 6 months later, during a regular, routine cleaning, they advised I needed 2 fillings.

Feeling somewhat defeated, I began to wonder about the expensive “Pronamel” toothpaste I was using, and the fluoride treatment I received.  OK I admit, I blame part of my problem was my sin for occasionally craving sweets. However, I also wondered if my toothpaste was the culprit.

This is the research I found in some of the ingredients of my toothpaste:

  • Sodium Fluoride – the main ingredient in toothpaste, but also in rat poison. If swallowed, it is known to cause death in children under 6 within 2-4 hours! Eeeks.
  • Hydrated Silica – known for whitening your teeth, but also known to cause damage to teeth enamel! It is made from a crystallized compound found in quartz, sand, and flint, which can be too abrasive on the surface of your teeth! Well, no wonder I was more susceptible to those cavities.
  • Cocamidopropyl Betaine – it is a chemical known to to be a foaming agent in any of your normal personal hygiene products, and in some cases it may cause allergic skin reactions.

So on to my quest to find a natural, chemical free alternative to your everyday toothpaste…tooth powder! I found a company that sells a month’s supply at the steep price of $17, but instead, I reviewed the ingredients and made my own at a whopping $5-7 for 2 months worth!

This is what I used to make several batches:

The clay is known to draw out toxins and remineralize your teeth, protecting your enamel. Some DIY-ers will use Bentonite Clay, which can be substituted for the clays I used in this recipe. The activated charcoal is used as a whitening powder in your teeth. Lastly, the calcium powder will add additional remineralizing benefits, as well as additional whitening power.

You can get creative, and add cinnamon or clove powder or essential oils for added flavor. Or add coconut oil to obtain a gel-like consistency. Please be cautious with spitting coconut oil down your drain as it could clog your pipes!

Simply dip your toothbrush in the powder and tap off the excess. Then brush your teeth as you would normally. I recommend not wetting the powder with water! Your saliva will work the powder throughout your teeth.

My first reaction to using this homemade tooth powder was it was weird not having any foam in my mouth. I adjusted to using it after just 2-3 days. The results were equally as effective, if not more effective than your traditional toothpaste. The activated charcoal does stain the sink if that might bother you (but can be easily wiped with a cloth). I’ve read reviews where converts have gone back to their dentist and dentists have noted gum disease was eliminated!

Have you used this natural alternative before? If so, I’d love to hear about it!