Honoring People on Social Media Post Election
By far, one of the most controversial elections in history, has caused more divide in this world than I have ever seen. One of the tactics of the enemy is to distract us, offend us, provoke us with anger, cause judgments, and make assumptions of others we never would have made otherwise. We have stooped down to calling presidential candidates liars or sexists. Suddenly, we are considered a racist, a socialist or communist. We may be inclined to perceive the other person as “lacking some major intelligence.”
Then, there are others who, on the other hand, will stand in silence. Afraid to have a voice, in fear of being judged. In fear of being ridiculed, or in fear of starting a never-ending fight.
This is NOT what God wants for us.
Most of us have mouths. Most of us are built with vocal cords. We are made to have a voice. Remember, we are also built with two ears.
So what are we doing? We have chosen to use more of our mouths than our ears. We chose to convince our standpoint, rather than listen. This is dishonoring and does not promote the love of Christ. We need to shatter pride, and allow humility to take over.
Humility means to release your opinion to God.  Forge a new relationship. Be genuinely interested in the why. Why is this person so particularly interested in this policy? Why does this matter? Be curious. Who knows? You  may find some common ground.
Worst of all…we are doing this behind phone screens and computer screens. We are hurting people through a simple touch of a “send” button on social media. Let’s make a new stance to honor people. Instead of judging or criticizing, let’s exercise our free will to honor God’s people by remembering 3 things before sending that message:
1) Does your message promote unity and love? This is where wisdom and discernment comes into play. Will it promote anger on the receiving end? If it has, is there a chance for reconciliation or forgiveness? Be wise with not only the message, but who it will go out to. Do not go into a conversation with your agenda, but to ask clarifying questions or to enlighten.
2) We all love this country. This country has endured wars and trials to obtain the freedoms we have. This is one of the few countries in the world where you can be extremely poor one minute to being a millionaire the next. People are passionate about their viewpoints because they care about maintaining or achieving certain freedoms. Keep that in mind and it may change your approach.
3) We all have a story. ​I was one of the few Asians females in the schools where I grew up. I’ve dealt with prejudice and racism. I’m a mother who wants to raise my child with strong values. I get it. I’m a protective parent. I pay bills. I want women’s rights. I want fair wages. I want better healthcare. I want this just as much as anyone else. That means I cannot discredit people’s thoughts or opinions on specific issues.  Respect people’s opinions, because knowing their story may change the way you perceive them.
“Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves.” Romans 12:10
Patty Tower