The Sex Talk You Never Had
Have you ever pinned a sexy guy across the bar, and all you think about is a chance to get into bed with him?
Do you understand your feelings of lust and whether it is normal? Do you wonder if lust in your marriage is ok?
Is your view of sex aligned with God’s? Or is it of the world?
Have you ever had that awkward sex talk with your parents? Do you question how you may approach the sex talk with your teen?
Do you feel sexual expression is limited because of your faith?  Is virginity God’s main goal for your love life?
Fear not my friends.
I am honored to present to you Christian Cosmo written by Phylicia Masonheimer. This ebook is out and you CANNOT miss out on this gem!
Having struggled with past sexual lust, seduction, masturbation, and pornography, I wished in my younger years, this tool was available for parents and schools to educate men and women on sex, and God’s intended purpose for it. Instead, schools are teaching teens birth control, and promoting the physical act of “sex,” and not the true meaning behind what God intended sex to be.
As someone who was a victim of a sexual abuse, I viewed sex or an act of sex (such as masturbation) as the means to feel stimulated, to feel loved or valued by man. Other times, I felt like it was a way to release tension in a rather emotionally abusive relationship.
The world has perverted sex and sadly, as a result, women and children are being sex trafficked more than ever around the globe. The world is making fun of celebrities such as Russell Wilson and Ciara, or Tim Tebow for embarking on a journey of celibacy or abstinence, when in reality we need to be praising them for their call to live in purity.
Phylicia Masonheimer’s heart for this book is a wake up call  to the church. This book will call out to those who may not understand their sexual desires, or to those who may need massive healing from a history of sexual sin. She offers scriptures as evidence of God’s word to explain our natural sexual tendencies, from the point of view of a pubescent adolescent, to a single and dating woman, or to a happily (or unhappily) married woman.
Here are a couple of my favorite excerpts:
“Desiring relationships and sex is not ‘bad’. But it is meant to be submitted to God, who knows our wants and needs before we even speak them.”
“I rehearsed these scenarios with every guy I liked, to the point that when I actually saw those boys I was bewildered about what to say. Because I had trained my mind to view them as prospects – not as human beings and brothers in Christ – I also overthought every action they took.”
Sign up through the link to grab a copy as soon as this book is released! Tell your girlfriends, your pastor’s wives, your mothers, your daughters. I promise this Christian Cosmo ebook will not disappoint!
Patty Tower