Why You Should Embrace the Gap in Your Life

“So let’s not get tired of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up” Galations 6:9

Have you taken a look at your recent group photos lately?

I’m not keen on taking group photos because I normally feel like my pose was too awkward – perhaps my neck was too stiff or my posture resembled more like the hunchback of Notre Dame.

A girlfriend taught me a standard way to take effortless group photos. Whenever I hear “photo!” I assume my position. Well, needless to say, after reviewing the first snapshot, my position was off. She corrected me by saying “Patty! You need to close the gap!”

What she meant was, lean far into the other person so it looked like we knew each other, regardless if closing the gap felt intrusive. Reviewing the retake, it was obvious we reaped the benefits of closing the gap. The 2nd photo was warm and friendly in comparison to the first.

I admit, next to a stranger in a photo, being in that gap felt uncomfortable. It was close enough to want to take a quick whiff of my armpits before saying “cheese.” Whatever I felt, it didn’t matter because the results of closing the gap far exceeded leaving space between me and the other person.

The gap in your life may look like you’re in between jobs. It may be the longing to have a child. It may be finishing up a house remodel. It may be searching for the right man/woman to call your spouse.

For me, it’s as simple as waiting for my braces to close the gaps in between my teeth. The next 8 months of excessive flossing, brushing, and enduring pain will be worth it.

If you’re in between jobs, God has aligned the perfect job for you, with a salary exceeding your expectations, with friendly coworkers, or with a boss that doesn’t micro manage.

If you’re searching for a husband/wife, God will gift and align you with the perfect man or woman who will honor, respect, and love you the way God made you.

Rest assured, we have the power and authority to endure the gap. So learn to get comfortable in the gap. Through excessive prayer, petition, through faith, patience, and Jesus, it may be uneasy, but it will be worth it. For God has promised by doing good, in due season, we will reap His blessing.


Patty Tower