5 Benefits of Why I Journal

Journaling…the new age diary. Do you want to see how God has worked in your life? Are you looking for answered prayers? All the best leaders recommend some form of journaling or writing. I put this into practice four years ago and it has dramatically changed the way I view life. For only 15-20 mins of my time a day, this time is used to unwind and jot down important highlights of my life.

Five benefits I have found through journaling are:

1. ) Better memory retention.

Aging and lack of sleep with being a mom, the brain simply does not retain information as well as it did in my earlier years. Details of certain events may have been forgotten had I not written them down.

Now I can rely on my handy journal to recollect my memory, especially with dreams. Before I had my son, I had a vivid dream of him being a “way-smaller-than-normal-size-baby” in my arms, while laying in a hospital bed (I had no idea what the dream meant at the time). My birth plan at the time was to have a natural home birth. My son ended up being born premature in the hospital. Little did I know, God was giving me assurance of my unborn son, and it gave me an overwhelming amount of peace after I remembered I wrote this dream down.

2.) See answered prayers.

The miraculous wonders and power of God unfolded through my eyes as I began to see how he answers my prayers. Many times, it’s in ways I never thought I’d imagine. Other times, He gives me EXACTLY the desires of my heart.

3.) Organized thoughts and emotions.

Recently I was told statistically that people who write or journal tend to be happier people. I wonder if having the ability to organize their emotions on a piece of paper had anything to do with it? When my feelings were not appropriate to be unleashed to others,  I found journaling was best to evaluate my feelings.

4.) Set goals, visions, and expectations.

“The LORD answered me: Write down this vision; clearly inscribe it on tablets so one may easily read it.” Habukuk 2:2

Do you have a vision in you heart? Write it down. It’s no secret, those who write down their goals/visions are more likely to achieve them. I write down my short term goals, long term goals, family goals, personal goals, travel goals, and ministry goals in my journal. Each item has a check box I can mark off when my visions come true.

5) Develop Creativity

Some of my best blog ideas come from my journal. When I became bored with writing plain sentences and paragraphs, I began to make my journey in journaling artistic and it became a source of relaxation when God developed my interest in lettering and calligraphy. Personally, I find it more relaxing than coloring!

I’m praying for your writing journey, that it will bless you in more ways than one!