4 Important Life Lessons You Can Learn from a Toddler

Sure, I know I’m the parent responsible for teaching my child in the way he should go, but other times,  God gently reminds me the life lessons my son has taught me.

Children encompass a pure quality, which connects them to God in a way us adults cannot comprehend.  Although my guy is a mere 25 pounds and 34 inches, his soul and spirit lights up any room he walks in. He is a fierce little boy and I pray God will protect all of what’s within him.

“See that you do not despise or think less of one of these little ones, for I say to you that their angels in heaven [are in the presence of and] continually look upon the face of My Father who is in heaven.” Matthew 18:10 (AMP)

These are the life lessons I have been able to glean from my toddler:

1) He forgives and moves on quickly.

Regardless of how many times his playmates steals his toys, or gets aggressive with him, he never holds a grudge. He doesn’t remain angry for minutes or hours or days. He is quick to receive an apology and move on – literally within seconds. How much peace would there be in our relationships if our hearts were quick to forgive and move on?

2) He is joyful

I’m not just talking about my son being happy. I’m referring to joy – a genuine, pure, amount of joy is contained in this little human being. My son woke up with a sore throat, lack of sleep and was clammy from a fever, yet he played, had fun, laughed to his hearts content most of the day. I woke up grumpy today due to lack of sleep and sore throat. Yes it ruined my day and my attitude needed to be checked.  My mindset would have been improved if I remembered God’s joy and stopped dwelling on my current situation.

3) He is naturally loving

Unlimited hugs and kisses galore. Need I say more? My guy doesn’t hold back showing unconditional love to others. He is engaging and simply wants to love on people. One of God’s most important command is to love your neighbor. What difference I could make if I continuously showed loved to people who needed it it the most?! Instead, I get caught up in my own little world and place fear on how people might judge me.

4) He has zero fear

Toddlers are in a stage of exploration. As long as they can achieve their destination or end goal, they are determined to get there – without fear holding them back. He climbs stools, counters, tables, and walls…with risk of falling, but he does it anyway. He’s fallen while on his bike several times, but yet, he gets up, brushes himself off and keeps going. His brain is a sponge and he doesn’t let fear seep in from past failures or mistakes. He could care less about embarrassment or being hurt. Right now, I can think of the crazy amount of things I can accomplish for God’s kingdom if I did not allow fear to hold me back.

Are there life lessons you have learned from your children? What are they? I would love to hear from you! I am praying your heart will soften to grow and learn from your children just as much as they have learned from you!