Top 7 Deadly Idols You Might Have in Your Life

What do idols look like in your life? What is wrong with having an idol in your life?

Jesus says He is the only one who can quench our soul (John 4:13). Idols may turn us to different forms of addiction we never knew we had, when our very nature is to commune and have a relationship with Jesus.

We all struggle with it, but it is to our benefit we recognize things or people that consistently replace our opportunity of time or worship with Jesus.

“You must worship no other gods, for the LORD, whose very name is Jealous, is a God who is jealous about his relationship with you.” Exodus 34:14

Here, I will expose common idols I have recognized in my life that have obstructed my relationship with God.

1.) Peer approval

You have the need to constantly seek approval in every area of your life. Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross and how He accepts you for just the way you are is not enough.

What this may look like: You have a business idea God has placed in your heart, but after consulting a friend and some other people, they discouraged you, and now you decide to go with plan B. God has always had your plan A covered!

2.) Social Media

Speaking of peer approval, social media has intensified the issue of peer approval. I’ve spent countless hours seeing and comparing how many likes and comments I have on a post. Of course, when I don’t receive as many, I begin to plant lies of rejection and insecurity in my mind.

3.) Screen Time

Maybe you’re not on social media, but perhaps you’re on another app on your smart phone, or you watch mindless hours of programmed shows on your tv or laptop. Most of what we are doing on our devices serves us little, yet our s0-called A.D.D. brain unconsciously tells us we need fill our brains with never-ending distraction.

4.) Men or Your Significant Other

You’re classified as a serial dater. You date one man after the next, attempting to find validation in man…any man. You crave attention from the opposite sex. You remain friends with a guy, and though you know they may like you, but you keep close ties to maintain the male attention.

On the other hand, if you are in a relationship, your boyfriend or husband may consume most of your thoughts. In fact, you may be obsessed with him or the idea of him. You proactively make plans for the week, even months ahead, and you have disregarded other people in your life because of fear of what he may think or how he will react. Perhaps you have even changed the way you wear your hair, clothes, or makeup because you know he will disapprove.

5.) Work or Career

Validation doesn’t come from man, but comes from your job. Your accomplishments define you. You work late nights to get that promotion or career advancement. There is no work-life balance. You have somehow placed work before your family. You may impulsively agree to work late again, knowing very well your spouse is against it. You are fighting lack of sleep, quality time with family and stress, yet you still clock more hours.

6.) Your Obsession with Extra-Curricular Activities

There is nothing wrong with having extra-curricular activities, but 1) Do they give God the glory and 2) Does it take away from your precious intimate time with Him? For some of us, this may be shopping, traveling, exercise, sports, or adrenaline junkies.

7.) Food and Substances

This is known as the category of the junk you put into your body. Instead of finding comfort in Jesus, your comfort comes from substances. You overload your body with sugary, starchy foods, alcohol, or drugs. These items provide a temporary high, but I find the best everlasting high I have received is from the Holy Spirit. Why not seek the euphoria from Him?

What else do you find is an idol in your life? I’m sure I’m probably missing several from the list. Whatever idol gets in the way, I pray that Jesus will be your sole provider, comforter, healer! I pray for you to overcome obstacles, so you may truly enjoy & live a blessed, prosperous, and wealthy life!