25 Encouraging Statements to Say to Your Husband

Past relationships with ex-boyfriends, including my husband have always ended up in negativity after the initial honeymoon phase.

Once the desire of trying to impress a man was over, reality sets in, and I’ve had to battle hurtful words used to manipulate, complain, and control. Unfortunately, those hurtful words came straight outta my mouth, not theirs.

It wasn’t until I met my current husband, who’s extended grace and forgiveness towards me, where I’ve been able to heal and turn from my potty mouth. Perhaps on another post, I will explain how our words can be used to manipulate and control – without us even knowing it.

“Gracious words are like a honeycomb, sweetness to the soul and health to the body.” Proverbs 16:24

For now, I want to equip you with these 25 encouraging statements to say to your husband (or boyfriend if you’re single), to lift them up and make their day. Not only that, perhaps they will remember why they are with you in the first place.

  1. ) That is an awesome idea! I’m glad you came up with it
  2. ) You are a gift to me
  3. ) I love your athleticism or [insert whatever they are great at here]
  4. ) You are strong, I love that!
  5. ) I love how you showed humility in that moment. Thank you.
  6. ) Will you tell me a story? I enjoy listening to the sound of your voice
  7. ) Thank you for being a gentleman and opening my door
  8. ) I love that you still make me laugh.
  9. ) You were so thoughtful for doing [insert whatever task he did here]. It helped me save a bunch of time. I appreciate you!
  10. ) Thank you for being a provider for us and our family
  11. ) You are an amazing friend to [insert friend’s name here]. I love that about you
  12. ) You are so generous with your [time, money, things, etc]
  13. ) You are one amazing, talented man!
  14. ) I sure married a handsome guy!
  15. ) I love how your passion drives you
  16. ) Thank you for getting along with my friends. That means so much to me
  17. ) You are a man of integrity & honor. It’s admirable
  18. ) Thank you for helping to lead our relationship
  19. ) You’re so good at problem solving. Thank you for fixing that!
  20. ) I love spending quality time with you
  21. ) You are so thoughtful. Thank you!
  22. )  I like that you’re so creative! (Be more specific with what he is creative here too!)
  23. ) Thank you for taking care of me šŸ™‚
  24. ) I love how you help to balance out my weaknesses
  25. ) Knowing you are here, comforts me.

What are other statements you have used to show your appreciation towards your husband? I’d love to hear more!