Children can Prophesy Too!

Have you ever tested God in His Word?

Humorly so, I have with my 2 year old son.

I love not only testing God in His Word, but testing my son in his closeness with the Lord.

When I realized my son could see the face of the Father (Matthew 18:10), once in awhile I would ask him “Where is Abba?” And it’s surprising what he says. See the video below:

As you can see in the video, I did not prompt or rehearse my son to say any of these things. Naturally, he is a child who was born to have a relationship with our Father.

On a night I was putting him to bed, I laid with my little boy and asked again “Where is Abba?” He points to the ceiling and says, “Abba is right there!”

Being a little older than two, I tested my son some more, knowing he could better verbally respond to some other questions about Abba that peaked my curiosity.

“Levi, what color is Abba wearing?”

“Abba is wearing white!”

“What color is his hair?”

“His hair is white!”

“Hmm…what is he doing?”

“Abba is smiling! He is very happy with mama!!”

Tears streamed down my face. Of course my son is not old enough to understand yet, but those last few words meant the world to me. I had just wondered earlier that day if the Lord was proud of me, and here I am performing my daily, mundane, mom life routines, and my son just prophesied words of knowledge to his mama. I was in awe of my son. It reminded me of how special he is.

At this juncture in motherhood, I also realized, I cannot limit my son’s abilities to hear from God. God speaks to him clearly too! We can and should teach our children to be aware of God’s presence at an extremely young age. Remember, our God is a God of possibilities. He is a limitless God.

I encourage you, start praying and asking your children to prophesy signs and wonders when they are young. It’s never too early.

Check next week’s blog where I talk more about the prophetic gifts of children, along with a big announcement!

Love you,