Prophetic Words from a Toddler

If you’ve read my last post, hopefully I’ve convinced you truthfully and scripturally, children are able to see and hear the face of our Father who is in Heaven

“See that you do not despise one of these little ones. For I tell you that their angels in heaven always see the face of my Father in heaven.” (Matt 18:10)

And it’s not only here and there. They have access to our Father all the time. Which means you do too. I emphasize this because it’s vital to consider this: we all were born with the natural ability to hear and see downloads from God through Jesus. But due to our environment, our thoughts, or the busyness of our lives, that part of our communication and downloads from God was shut out. However, if it is something we desire, we can choose and pray God will open those heavenly downloads to us! Amen? Amen. We need to choose to be open to receive.

On a casual summer weekend, out of the blue, my 2 year old son tells me I have a baby in my belly. By this point in time, I had been praying to conceive for over a year and it just hadn’t happened. Disappointment came every month for the past year whenever Aunt Flow came. I was hanging on to the promise of God designing our family to multiply (Gen 22:17). I wished I knew the timing.

However, in the best way a 2 year old child could, he was able to communicate to his Mommy about a baby. See the video below:

Not only did my sweet little boy gave me a glimpse of hope that day, he actually prophesied the future. When I chose to listen carefully through another vessel (my 2 year old son), I was able to hear the voice of the Father. I had confidence it was Jesus. And one month later we conceived. I am happy to say we are expecting! Yes, that was my big announcement! Our sweet little blessing is expected to come May 2018. Praise Jesus!

Sometimes when we start to lose hope, be still and know God cares. He cares so deeply he wants to truly reach out to you and say, “Daughter/son, I have a special word for you. Unique only to you. Are you ready to hear it?” Through the prophetic gifts, God will use those gifts to encourage us, and to keep our hope from wavering. Through my son’s prophetic gifting, he was able to offer me hope from our mighty Father.