3 Types of God-Given Dreams

Did you know what happens in our dream state is a glimpse of the spiritual realm?

God will often use dreams to grab our attention during the quiet hours of the night when we are too distracted during the day to have our quiet time with him. However, it is important to note, not all dreams come from our Father.

Other times, the enemy will give us visions in the night to place fear into our lives. And sometimes, we may have natural dreams due to our own fears, anxieties, or emotions.

It is important to discern which of the dreams we have are from God.

Sometimes I will receive 2-3 dreams a night from God concerning my life and different people whom God wants me to pray for.

Daniel was a big dreamer and most importantly, he was a great dream interpreter (Daniel 2:24-48). What good are our dreams if we cannot interpret them?

God has gifted me with the gift of dream interpretation and I want to offer you 3 of the most common dreams I have to help you with insight to your dreams.

1) Dreams of Your House (Old and New)

A house can represent family ministry. And depending on which room you are in the house, God may be telling you a multitude of things. If you’re standing in your kitchen, for example, God may be telling you, there needs to be more nurturing in your life or in your family. If you’re in your bedroom, God may be telling you to set more time for rest or a time of rest is coming. He may also be calling you to more intimacy with Him or with your spouse.

If you’re in the basement, God may be working on creating a firmer foundation in certain areas of your life, such as creating a stronger faith in Him.If you’re in the bathroom, God may be pushing you through a season of cleansing to grow your spirituality and faith.If you’re repeatedly dreaming of your old house, God may be showing you generational past issues in your family in which you need to pray on.

2) Dreams of your Ex-Lover

Is there an old habit or pattern you keep repeating? What is it? In most cases in dreams with your former boyfriend/girlfriend, ex-wife or husband, God may be showing you a habit or pattern or cycle in which you need to break in your life. What kinds of feelings do you when you dream of this person? Is it insecurity? Perhaps God wants to provide more confidence and value within you.

3) Dreams of Floating or Flying

In this type of dream, God is giving you confirmation and assurance that you are able to rise above any obstacles or hindrances you  may have going on in your life. Other times, He may be showing you that you feel like you lack control in certain areas of your life. However, I believe sometimes, He provides this freedom of flying or soaring, so he can minister to us and to give us the ability to release the need for control.

Have you been receiving dreams? Got questions?

This is some of the basics of what I’ve learned over the years from dreaming and I hope it has given you some clarity to some of your past dreams.

If you want to learn more, message me in comments or let me know directly! Would love to hear from you and happy dreaming!