God’s Faithfulness in the Midst of Divorce

“But Ruth said: Entreat me not to leave you, or to turn back from following after you; for wherever you go, I will go; and wherever you lodge, I will lodge; Your people shall be my people, and your God, my God.” Ruth 1:16

Sometimes life does not always go as planned. Many times, there are twists and turns. Regardless of how difficult life becomes, we ought to never give up hope. We ought to remember God’s faithfulness.

In 2014, my marriage of 14 years ended. As a result, I returned to my parents’ house, left without a job, and left without a husband.

I could have easily given up, but the story of Ruth encouraged me. Similar to Ruth, my life had its share of twist and turns, but through God’s faithfulness, I was determined to move forward.

The story is encouraging because although things did not turn out the way Ruth planned, she continued to move forward.

Prior to my divorce, I started blogging and even self-published my first book. I truly enjoyed writing; however, after the divorce, my journaling halted until 2017. My writing was a source of encouragement.

Ruth’s husband died and she was left with nothing. At first, the situation appeared to be impossible, but she was tenacious. Ruth did not let the “unknown” stop her.

Through her pain, Ruth remained focused. She did not allow personal issues to hinder her. She could have wallowed in despair for several reasons, but she was determined.

Although I have three college degrees, I worked as a substitute teacher and as a janitor. While this does not fulfill my dream of writing, I am choosing to never give up hope on my dream.

Even now, as a woman in pain from divorce, living back home with her parents, I am faithful God will provide. My situation may seem impossible, but I chose to press through.

Similar to Ruth, I was determined to make the best of an unfortunate situation. In July 2018, I started blogging again!

Reflecting on all of what Ruth endured, I am determined to keep working hard no matter how challenging life becomes! We must believe for the best and embrace the day of small beginnings.

Who would have thought a young woman who once collected the left overs in the field, would become co-owner of the field?

Due to divorce, I may have experienced financial difficulty, but I am a daughter to the most High King. I am a “co-owner” of the Kingdom of Heaven. I am already made victorious.

Nothing is too difficult for God; all things are possible to those who believe.

Lord, thank you for your loving kindness. Thank you for allowing others to see our good work and show favor. Thank you for your promise to not forget the labor of love we show others in your name. 

This article was written by Chikita Evans. Chikita Evans is a blogger. She is the author of Just When I Thought it Was Over. For additional inspirational articles, please visit her at chikitaevans.wordpress.com