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Patty here...I was raised a religious Catholic to being Athiest, to Agnostic and now 110% captured by the love of Jesus! Most days I'm in leggings, and my hair is pulled in a bun. I'm not an expert on life, but I promise I will do my best to encourage and provide meaningful insight through my imperfect life with the one and only Jesus Christ.

Children can Prophesy Too!


Have you ever tested God in His Word? Humorly so, I have with my 2 year old son. I love not only testing God in His Word, but testing my son in his closeness

Children can Prophesy Too!2017-11-14T14:23:06-08:00

5 Powerful Reasons to Pursue the Prophetic


Paul in the book of Corinthians was very specific when he said: "Follow the way of love and eagerly desire gifts of the Spirit, especially prophecy." 1 Cor 14:1 The gifts of the prophetic allows

5 Powerful Reasons to Pursue the Prophetic2017-10-24T11:23:57-08:00

Transformational Mind: Life After My Jesus Encounter


This is a continuation of my last post. See it here When I had experienced the authentic love of Jesus, my thought process drastically transformed. Slowly, God began to reveal the secrets of His heart,

Transformational Mind: Life After My Jesus Encounter2017-09-15T10:05:03-08:00

What makes a Christian a “BAD” Example


Christians have had a bad rep. I will tell you why. Religion. There are several definitions of religion out there, but the one I'm referring to is the kind that JUDGES if you do not

What makes a Christian a “BAD” Example2017-08-31T23:00:00-08:00