5 Benefits of Why I Journal


Journaling...the new age diary. Do you want to see how God has worked in your life? Are you looking for answered prayers? All the best leaders recommend some form of journaling or writing. I put this

5 Benefits of Why I Journal2017-05-12T01:51:58-08:00

The Sex Talk You Never Had


Have you ever pinned a sexy guy across the bar, and all you think about is a chance to get into bed with him?   Do you understand your feelings of lust and whether it is normal?

The Sex Talk You Never Had2017-02-15T13:01:53-08:00

Music That Touches Your Soul


If you know the band Jesus Culture, then you may know Chris Quilala. His new featured album "Split the Sky" released this last October, and I've been listening to him nonstop! This is not your

Music That Touches Your Soul2017-01-10T17:55:42-08:00

Natural DIY Facial Serum


Over the last several years, information regarding the use of chemicals and toxins in your everyday beauty products have made public headlines, and more consumers like myself are determined to find natural alternatives. This winter, and especially

Natural DIY Facial Serum2017-01-10T15:22:41-08:00