8 People You May Not Have Thought to Pray For


In my private prayer time, it is obvious God wants me to pray for my family and friends, in which I oblige and do willingly. Other times, He whispers a completely different person whom I

8 People You May Not Have Thought to Pray For2018-11-16T18:12:38-08:00

5 Strategies to Get into God’s Rest


In the book of Genesis, God created the universe, the earth, and man...and then He rested on the 7th day. Rest is not just good for our soul, but it is good for our brains.Studies

5 Strategies to Get into God’s Rest2018-10-22T12:19:18-08:00

Honoring God With Your Body


I made a decision this week to reset my body using the Whole 30 program. On top of this, I am seeing a physical therapist to recover from two c-section births, as well as a

Honoring God With Your Body2018-09-24T09:39:24-08:00

3 Types of God-Given Dreams


Did you know what happens in our dream state is a glimpse of the spiritual realm?God will often use dreams to grab our attention during the quiet hours of the night when we are too

3 Types of God-Given Dreams2018-10-09T15:48:51-08:00

Why We Grow Weary in Praying


Last year, I went through a dry season where it felt like if God could read my mind and He has heard my prayers, then I might as well save my breath and stop praying

Why We Grow Weary in Praying2018-08-29T16:09:23-08:00

Loneliness & Marriage


There is a misconception being in a relationship can fill in the gap of loneliness. That’s a lie. Loneliness will come and go depending on the phase in our lives. However, when we focus on

Loneliness & Marriage2018-02-02T10:55:29-08:00

5 Different set of Goals for the New Year


The first three weeks of the new year have me reflecting on a different set of goals of my own. It's typical for me to want to achieve tangible goals i.e. more productivity, lose weight,

5 Different set of Goals for the New Year2018-01-13T12:05:40-08:00

Spiritual Benefits of Fasting and the 9 Types


Biblical Fasting requires abstaining from food. Nowadays, some will fast from things such as social media or tv and while that is good, especially if you recognize these as idols in your life, I suggest

Spiritual Benefits of Fasting and the 9 Types2018-10-09T15:52:48-08:00

Prophetic Words from a Toddler


If you've read my last post, hopefully I've convinced you truthfully and scripturally, children are able to see and hear the face of our Father who is in Heaven "See that you do not

Prophetic Words from a Toddler2017-11-17T00:01:03-08:00