The Sex Talk You Never Had


Have you ever pinned a sexy guy across the bar, and all you think about is a chance to get into bed with him?   Do you understand your feelings of lust and whether it is normal?

The Sex Talk You Never Had2017-02-15T13:01:53-08:00

Honoring People on Social Media Post Election


By far, one of the most controversial elections in history, has caused more divide in this world than I have ever seen. One of the tactics of the enemy is to distract us, offend us, provoke us with anger,

Honoring People on Social Media Post Election2017-02-14T23:26:25-08:00

My Pursuit with Happiness


At any age, dating was an adventure in my circle of girlfriends. There were tall guys, short guys, funny guys, smart guys, the athlete, the nerd, the wealthy business guy, the down to earth

My Pursuit with Happiness2016-12-21T23:52:10-08:00

Does Anger Take over You?


Ever come across times where anger starts to simmer on the inside, then quickly into a rolling boil, and within milliseconds you are a volcanic eruption, causing a mess you soon regret? Let me introduce

Does Anger Take over You?2016-12-21T23:28:02-08:00