The content of what you read on this blog will reveal who I am: the RAW and REAL Patty Tower – a woman living in an imperfect world, with an imperfect life. I was an agnostic, saved by the grace of God in spring of 2013. My spiritual faith blossomed and grew, revealing a woman who fully embraces God’s light. As I quickly matured into my new Christian shell, I slowly began to realize many unbelievers, as well as seasoned Christian women needed more of God’s truth and love.
The RAW and REAL part may be controversial, it may offend, it may hurt, it may wound, but it also may give hope, encourage, renew, offer truth, and give confirmation. However, I’m assured I’ve been placed on this earth to lovingly, and unapologetically spread the gospel of Jesus. My hope for you is to be open to God, to receive an arsenal of spiritual weapons to fight, in every aspect of your life, because God conquers every battle you will face. I am imperfect, yet I serve a PERFECT God.
On the lighter side, you may find a sprinkling of humor, some successes and hurdles as a wife and mother, memorable moments with my most prized friendships & relationships, and a whole spread of my favorite things, people, and places.
I am honored you have chosen to come here to discover God and His imperfectly, perfect creation He made in His image .
Yours truly,
Patty Tower